Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brats with Titles-A Political Rant

Have you ever known a person who always manipulates their peers to do what they want to do by threatening to “take their ball and go home” if they don’t get their way? I’ve known folks like that over the years. The thing is, eventually you just don’t care if they do go. In fact, everyone is usually happier when they do leave.

They’re brats. Everyone knows that they’re brats. The only ones that don’t seem to know it are the brats themselves.

Lately, here in Indiana, and also up there in Wisconsin, we’ve been seeing a new set of official brats with titles. Whether they are State Senators or State Representatives, if they don’t get their way, they’re just going to walk away and hold everyone else hostage. I guess they figure if they can’t get their way by working within the system, then they’ll just circumvent the system, and manipulate everyone into conforming to their views.


The strategy is to prevent any vote that you can’t win legitimately. Go hide in another state. They couldn’t win the votes in November. Now, they can’t win the argument on the floor of the capital building. So, the plan is to “take their ball” and go…hide.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling them brats and shameful because they are Democrats and I tend to vote Republican. I don’t care about their party affiliation. When you have a role WITHIN our system of government, you don’t begin to then CIRCUMVENT that system when things aren’t going your way. If the Republicans were the ones holding their private meetings in that hotel in Urbana, I’d be giving them a few cyber-slaps across the face too.

In my view, we are watching the beginnings of the demise of our system of government when those who are supposed to be functioning within that system begin to circumvent the system and work outside the system because they aren’t getting their way. It is bordering of traitorous.

Legislative Terrorists.

Get back to work, boys. Stand up and speak your mind. Vote your conscience. If you can’t make your arguments prevail on the legislative floor, then get out there and win more precincts in the next election. Take it to the people and see if you can win the day. That’s how our government was designed to work.

Don’t be brats with titles.


  1. Mike- I respect you and, I think, that at least to some extent, I know where you are coming from. But, to think that teachers with average salaries are the root of state funding is just not fair. There is a weak teacher here and there, but they do not stay in the classroom near as often as the media suggests. I have been in classrooms in West Virginia, Indiana, Arkansas, New York and Michigan. Suffice it to say that I have known a lot of educators. I know what their homes look like because i have been in them. They are all far from rich! There is a political agenda here to destroy teachers unions that goes far beyond the facade of balancing the budget. I hear your point about the politicians doing their job, but the public is not in support of what the political majority is proposing. They really do not have many options. I know that we will have to agree to disagree on this one and i am OK with this and would still jump at the chance to throw my leg over a bike tube and go for a ride with you. I just feel a responsibility to represent a different perspective on this very emotional issue.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate what you are saying, and I respect the work that teachers do. I have several friends who are teachers, and you, I believe are one of them. My post is NOT about the issue of teachers or teacher's unions. My post is about the method that is being utilized to manipulate the system. It is my opinion that when you are an elected official, you have an obligation to uphold the system of government under which we live, even if you don't agree with the outcome. By doing what they are doing, they are undermining our system. A side effect of democracy and freedom is that sometimes folks are going to do things you don't like, or pass laws that you disagree with. When we start undermining the system when we don't like the outcome, we are defeating our democracy.

  3. Agreed. If I just didn't show up to work because I didn't like what someone asked me to do I would get fired. So would most of America. They have a job to do and they need to do it. Period.

  4. They just had to go on a business trip. You know, staying in a hotel and working from there. -TSmith