Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caaamper's Political Foray-Death & Taxes

Have you ever heard the old saying that only two things in life are sure things, death and taxes?  That may be just a cynical old adage, but I think it is close to being on the mark.  In our country today, we pay so many different taxes on any given day that it mystifies me why we don’t have more popular opposition than we already do.  Have you ever considered all the various taxes that are levied in your life?

Federal Income Taxes

State Income Taxes

Local Income Taxes

Social Security Taxes

Property Taxes

Sales Taxes

Excise Taxes

Gasoline Taxes

Various “Sin” Taxes

The list goes on….and on….and on….and on….and on.

Not to mention the other forms of government income that are not actually labeled as taxes:  Parking Meters, Speeding Tickets, Usage Fees at Parks and Government Facilities, Various Import/Export Duties & Fees, and again the list goes on….and on….and on.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe in the necessity of taxes.  I believe in paying a reasonable set of taxes to maintain the form of government that we so much enjoy in the United States of America.  However, anytime I hear someone say that somebody else doesn’t pay enough in taxes, or they make so much money that they need to pay a higher percentage than the rest of us, I cringe.  We pay plenty of taxes as it is, but our governmental leaders cannot seem to live within the means they have been provided.  

Have you ever had a person that you know become a leech by ignoring basic financial guidelines…spending everything they have on frivolous things…refusing to live on any kind of budget…then coming back to you over and over again to ask you for money?  There comes a time that you realize that you are not doing them any favors by enabling their destructive lifestyle and you have to say NO!  No more!  It’s painful.  It hurts.  The person calls you greedy….and talks bad about you….trying to manipulate you into giving them what they want.  But, you just have to hold the line.

Obviously, a national spending/debt problem is not one that we can simply say “no” to and walk away.  We have a mutual problem.  We are so deep in debt that it is almost impossible to conceive the reality of it.  (I just checked the National Debt Clock:  $15,990,100,000,000.)  It’s almost 16 TRILLION dollars!  And, it is flying higher by the second.  Go to the website and check it out:  www.usdebtclock.org

We cannot just shut off the fiscal faucet.  We cannot ignore the responsibility that debt issue represents.  It is going to require that ALL of us sacrifice even more than we are yet ready to accept…we cannot even imagine the pain it will bring into our midst.  We will not be able to avoid it.  The gravy train is not far from driving right over the cliff.  We have to all participate in paying for the debt that has been created and it is going to really hurt.

However, before you come to me and ask me to give you more money….before you ask my wealthy cousins and uncles and friends to kick in more of their hard-earned dollars….show me that you can stop the bleeding.  Show me that you can create and live on a budget.  Cut….cut…cut.  If you can demonstrate that our extra tax dollars aren’t just chasing shadows, then perhaps we can really make a difference together.

Until our representative government can deal with their shopping addiction, I will resist ANY effort of the IRS to get more of my money or the money of my friends, relatives, and neighbors.  While I doubt either major party is ready to truly deal with this issue, I am convinced that the Democrats are clearly the most self-deceived on the issue.

For that reason, I am going to vote for Mitt Romney.
PS:  If you don't mind perusing a goofy short story on the issue, check out my post called "The Shakedown."  You can find it at this link:  http://caaampersthoughts.blogspot.com/2010/09/shakedown.html


  1. Ay, there's the rub. You don't want anyone to have to contribute more taxes from their "hard-earned dollars" ... but the wealthiest in the country have the vast majority of their income that is from passive sources, not their own earnings.
    Democrats are more interested in spending on social safety net programs, education, Pell grants, as well as rebuilding roads & bridges. Romney is more interested in giving money back to individuals, on the theory that they will stimulate the economy, and provide jobs so that that safety nets won't be as needed. (That economic theory has already been discredited. See 1980's.)

    And if you look at Romney's record from MA, he racked up the debt while in office there. Apparently, his major accomplishment while in office there - universal (or nearly) healthcare - is the something he now thinks is a bad idea. Between his checkered record as Governor, his energy policy written by big oil, and his bumbling inexperience in foreign policy, he's a strong candidate to run the country right over the cliff.

  2. My memory of the 1980's economy is a little different. I remember it starting pretty rough as Reagan inherited the Carter economy, instituted his policies, and presided over one of the largest and most extensive economic expansions in history. He cut taxes, but the tax base expanded and the resultant federal income actually increased. I'm not bowing to the Reagan altar, but my experience during that decade differs from the common Democratic accusations.