Monday, September 3, 2012

Caaamper's Political Foray-"Great Minds"

My wife and I took in a movie last night.  Nothing fantastic.  Snow White and the Huntsman.  I liked it okay, but my better half thought it was cheesy and didn’t have a great storyline.  I kept thinking that a vampire would jump out at the last minute and save poor Snow White, but I think my mind was mixing up Kristen Stewart movies.   Anyway, on the way in to the theater, we had to stand in line outside to get to the ticket office.  (Lots of interesting people go to the dollar theater to catch movies….just saying.  It’s almost better than Walmart at midnight.)  As we were patiently standing there, we could overhear other people’s conversations.  Sometimes that’s interesting…sometimes not so much.  One phrase I heard last night was:

“Great minds think alike.”

Now, that is an interesting statement coming from someone standing in the rain outside a cheap dollar cinema.  Of course, the highly sarcastic author that you are reading right now was standing there too, so I won’t throw too many stones at the speaker.  But, he got me thinking about that phrase.

Do “great minds” really think alike?

Or, have “great minds” causing everyone to think alike been more of a problem?  Hmmm.

Some “great minds” that came to mind in that angle of thought were:  Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Bin Ladin.  Not particularly good company in my opinion.  Maybe great minds don’t think alike, but rather, great minds think differently.  Maybe they go outside the norm and drive humanity into new ways of seeing, new ways of thinking, and new ways of living.

Think Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Da Vinci, and of course, beyond all those I would suggest Jesus.

Maybe they…they….they…

They challenge us instead of corralling us.  They motivate us instead of manipulating us.  They amaze us instead of mesmerizing us.  Perhaps, they lead us from the front…the front lines…the cutting edge, instead of trying to drive us in a specific direction that suits their purposes.

Maybe that’s what we need in good ole America…someone who thinks outside the box labeled “Business as Usual.”

I’ve been watching the mesmerized masses on both ends of the political spectrum beat each other to a pulp.  I was going to say in the last few days but really it’s been over the last few years.  We talk about being a divided, polarized nation and I think that’s true.  Let me suggest that maybe the real reason for that polarization isn’t because enough people haven’t come to the right conclusions, but maybe it’s because….

They’ve been listening to the “Great Minds” instead of using their own.

Whether you are a Right-Wing Conservative or a Left-Wing Liberal, I’m talking to you….or rather, I’m talking about you.  Neither of you are right on every issue.  Neither of you are wrong on every issue.  The very fact that you think you have ALL of the right answers makes me doubt you.

I suppose for the next two months or so I’m going to have to put up with the propaganda from the mesmerized masses.  But, if you’re going to send me stuff….post stuff to my Facebook wall…spam my email…at least send me something original.  Send me what YOU think.  I don’t want any more twisted, stupid political jokes.  I don’t want to have to decipher any more slanted and bogus charts that falsify information.  I don’t want to read linked articles published by media outlets that are obviously as much a part of the mesmerized masses as you are.

Send me what you think.  Send me something from YOUR great mind.
Oh, and leave Clint Eastwood alone.  He was spectacularly hilarious.  That's what my great mind thinks. 

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