Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Friend on the Council-A Recommendation for Muncie

A cool thing happened to me the other day.  I was sitting at my laptop scrolling Facebook when up pops a message from one of my longest, long-time friends.  I won’t say she’s one of my “oldest” friends because she is younger than me.  However, we were friends from very early in life, and it was great to hear from her.  Soon enough, that instant message was converted to a phone conversation.

But as nice as it is to hear from a friend, one of the factors that makes it even cooler is that she is running for public office (Delaware County Council), and she wanted me to write something to support her effort.  It is a special thing to have friends who want you to speak out in their favor, and I am pleased to do so for Teresa Hensley.

Whether it was playing baseball in the field behind her grandparents’ home on East 21st Street or trudging down the alley to buy a pop at Cantrell’s Barbershop, jumping ramps with our bikes or building forts in an empty field near 20th and Grant Streets, Teresa, her siblings, and I were constant companions in our youth.  Friends to the core.
Now, many years have passed, and we don’t see much of one another except by social media, but I still consider her family to be special to me.
She is the real deal.  A true child of Muncie with roots going back generations.  She was raised on the south side, and attended Muncie Southside High School.   My earliest memories of her are from her time living in a tiny house at 21st & Hackley Streets with her Mom, Dad, and four siblings.  Since then, she has grown up and become a successful woman; working alongside her husband on the family farm.   She knows the city and she knows the county, and I believe she has the best interests of her community in mind as she pursues a role of service to her fellow residents of Delaware County.

As her friend, and as a Muncie alumnus that longs to see the resurgence of his hometown and home county, I strongly suggest that you give full consideration to Teresa Hensley for County Council next week at the ballot box.  Go vote, and vote Hensley!

Hensley for County Council!