A Muncie Boyhood

Click on the links below to go directly to the various Muncie Boyhood stories that I've published to this blog.  Each story is true to the best of my memory.  I hope you enjoy what you read.
A Muncie Boyhood-Life at Roosevelt Elementary
A Muncie Boyhood-Star Trek & Middle School
A Muncie Boyhood-10 of My Favorite Memories

A Muncie Boyhood-Murphy's Law and a Stapler

A Muncie Boyhood-Random Memories of Muncie South

A Muncie Boyhood-Cub Scouts and a Home Invasion

A Muncie Boyhood-The Dream of Baseball

A Muncie Boyhood-The Trudging Turtle

A Muncie Boyhood-Procrastination and the Term Paper

A Muncie Boyhood-Curiosity, the Candle, and the Curtains

A Muncie Boyhood-Racism and Innocence

A Muncie Boyhood-Cannons in the Street

A Muncie Boyhood-Mom's Lost Years & Potato Soup

A Muncie Boyhood-My Father's Journal

A Muncie Boyhood-Dad and His Oily Boots

A Muncie Boyhood-The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth

A Muncie Boyhood-The Summer of 1978

A Muncie Boyhood-A Stingray, a Collarbone, and a Mystery

A Muncie Boyhood-The Pinhead

A Muncie Boyhood-Church or Sleeping In?

A Muncie Boyhood-The Fire and the Photo

A Muncie Boyhood-Horse Crap & Horseplay

A Muncie Boyhood-The Great Pop Bottle Caper

A Muncie Boyhood-Sugar and the Blizzard

A Muncie Boyhood-The Cost of the Summer Treat

A Muncie Boyhood-Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

A Muncie Boyhood-A Few "Back in My Day" Reflections

A Muncie Boyhood-Erector Sets & Mouse Traps

A Muncie Boyhood-Christmas

A Muncie Boyhood-Random Memories of Home

A Muncie Boyhood-Stock Boy in Ladies Apparel

A Muncie Boyhood-Bullies and Bumblebees

A Muncie Boyhood-The Year of the Squirt Gun

A Muncie Boyhood-The Plight of the Enumerator

A Muncie Boyhood-Space 1999 and a Rumble in the Hood

A Muncie Boyhood-Football and Cowardice

A Muncie Boyhood-The Crush

A Muncie Boyhood-Wiffle Ball and the Poop Monster

A Muncie Boyhood-Adventures with Arrows

A Muncie Boyhood-Switches and Crying Under the Coat Rack

A Muncie Boyhood-The Introduction

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