Christianity 101

Below are links to a series of articles I wrote a couple of years ago regarding the BASICS of Christianity and the process of becoming a Follower of Christ.  One thing for you, the reader, to consider while you are perusing this series is that we are all developing and growing in our understanding of all things spiritual.  As a result, you may not see things exactly the same way that I do, and I may even begin to shift a bit from these views over time.  In fact, I reserve the right to edit these as my thoughts change.  When you consider all of our various viewpoints, you have to be grateful for the Grace of God that I believe not only covers our sins, but also covers our misunderstandings of his Message.

The list of links below are in order with the earliest one first.  For the fullest understanding, study them in order.

May God bless your studies.

Christianity 101-The Prime Ingredients-An Introduction

Christianity 101-Are You Serious?

Christianity 101-The Predicament of Sin

Christianity 101-Magic Words, Secret Formula, or Grace?

Christianity 101-Responding to the Gift of Grace

Christianity 101-Repentance

Christianity 101-Baptism

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