Short Stories

My Short Story Links

Click on the titles below and a link will take your directly to the story in my blog.  I hope you enjoy my creative side.  Some of these are better than others, but they were all fun to write.

A Fire at Christmas
A boy.  Fighting parents.  And a fire on Christmas Eve.

 A Visit with Gabe
A midwestern family has dinner with an unusual homeless man at an opportune time.

Out of the Depths of Abandon
A family moves into a new rural home in the lovely little town of Cutters Notch, Indiana.  When they decide to move an old slab of stone to put in a pool, bad things ensue.

Hate to Wait
An unpleasant man encounters a terrifying situation.

Under the Crimson Shade
The Story of a 50 year-old man out for a late night walk and the life-threatening adventure that follows.

Emerald Shadows
A woman discovers an intriging door floating in her lake.  Her mind drives her to investigate.

The Gardener's Three Roses
An allegory of the love of a father for his daughters.

Penny's Pet Peeve
A relationship gone bad.

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