Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Changes in the Air


I haven't posted in several days.  Have you noticed?  If you haven't, I have.  It's been weighing on me.

That's the thing...

I do this for fun.  It shouldn't be something that weighs on me.  However, since I've started several "series" on here, I feel OBLIGATED to post regularly.  That fact is making this blog a burden.  I have enough burdens in my life.  (Do any of you feel that way sometimes?)


I'm going to make some changes around here.

1.  I'm dropping the WMBO-Fitness Update series.  It's making my exercise a burden too.  I need to enjoy it, so no more obligations in that regards.  Otherwise, I might get totally discouraged and just quit.  I'll still post what I'm doing from time to time, and add some pictures from the road, but no more weekly posts.
2.  I'm going to wrap up the Christianity 101 series.  I will finish it.  I have three more posts in the series.  Then, no more of that one.  I'll still post my thoughts on faith from time to time, but I'll be done with the obligation of the series....and, it will be back to the fun of posting my thoughts as they happen.
3.  I'm going to keep the Muncie Boyhood series.  I'm actually enjoying that little project still....so it stays....for now.  This project seems to be my most popular feature on here anyway...by a large margin.  It's a good thing I'm likin' it.

I had promised some "Henry the Preacher" cartoons, but they have been slow to materialize.  I still plan on posting them once in a while, but I need to find some time to create them.  The good news is that my daughter got me some good cartooning pens for Father's Day, so when they do come along, they should have the added flair of some color.

One side effect of the "obligation" that I've felt toward this blog is that it has taken almost all of my creative energy for writing just to keep up.  That being the case, I've not found time to finish my book I've been working on.  The story should be done by now, but instead it's still stuck in my head.  I really want to get this adventure out and on paper for some folks to read.

I'll be back soon.

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