Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love is Found-A Poem

I wrote the following poem a few years ago for my wife.  Today, I tweaked it a bit to use in my great nephew's wedding.  The following is the tweaked version, posted here at the request of my neices from California.  For you, Bobbie and Bonnie...

Love is Found

Mike DeCamp

Love is found in the bonds of the heart.
It cannot be broken or torn apart.

Love is found in the tears of the eye.
Its grip can be felt when saying goodbye.

Love is found, when love is sought.
It cannot be stolen.  It cannot be bought.

Love is found in the palm of your hand.
As you lift someone up, and help him to stand.

Love is found in the embrace of a wife.
It’ll hold you safe from all toil and strife.

Love is found in your loveliest smile.
To see it makes her work worthwhile.

Love is found in the depth of your bond.
Together you’ll travel to the great beyond.

Love is found.  You have one heart.
You cannot be broken, or torn apart.


  1. Very beautiful and works in this version perfectly for a wedding. I imagine they were happy you agreed to share it.

  2. I loved it Mike! I guess I will put anonymous since FB not a choice for profile.
    Judy Hancock