Friday, February 22, 2013


One of my best and worst personal characteristics is my curiosity.  Sometimes it leads me into trouble, but more often it leads me to new knowledge and new understandings.  It can be my undoing and it can be my drive toward self-development. 
It can also be like a piece of fried chicken when you’re on a diet…or a like that last piece of pizza that your date picked up before you could get it.  If you ask my wife how to drive me crazy, she’ll tell you to play on my curiosity.  Start to tell me something and then stop.  Hint that you know something I’d be interested in but don’t reveal it.  Give me a glimpse of something and then pull it back.


Comment on my blog without identifying yourself!

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous…you are driving me crazy!  You are finger nails on the chalkboard to me.

Some of you log in.  Some of you sign your name.  THANK YOU!

But some of you…and you know who you are (I don’t, but you do.)...make comments on my stories and hint that you are someone I know, but you don’t reveal yourself.  Maybe you don’t mean to be, but you’re being mean to me!  You are pulling my curiosity cord with a vengeance.

Help a guy out, will ya?  Tell me who you are!

So, if I ask nicely…say “pretty please”…will you do me a favor and sign your name to your comments?  Or, at least send me a note to tell me that you commented?

Pretty please.

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  1. Dear readers,
    This really is meant in a light-hearted way. I'm just having some fun with my request that you let me know who you are. I hope you at least got a little chuckle out of it.