Friday, June 28, 2013

The Paula Deen Syndrome

Here’s a test for you.  I want you to think back to sometime in 1984 to 1986…to a time when you were speaking flippantly or angrily.  You didn’t hold back.  You let the ugly words fly.  Got it?  Remember that time?  It's a little embarrassing, isn't it? 

Now, I want you to remember what words you used?  Got ‘em?

Good.  Now, don’t ever tell anyone what you said because it could just maybe ruin your life!

Consider the case of Paula Deen.  She admitted in a deposition…something that forces you to be truthful to avoid perjury…that she used the “N-Word” some three decades in the past.  As a result, her corporate sponsors are dropping her like a hot potato and the news media is eating it up.  The Food Network started the feeding frenzy and now everyone from Walmart to Sears has piled onto the carcass that was her business dynasty.

Don’t get me wrong.  I detest the use of the “N-Word.”  I have ALWAYS felt it was a terrible word to use to describe another person.  It is a hateful, ugly word.  But, we have gotten so incredibly paranoid about the use of this word that we cannot even use the word when describing the USE of the word!  Good grief.  Even the “F-Word” doesn’t get that level of reaction!

Someday, some random person from the future is going to be doing research on news reports and articles from our time period, and they are going to scratch their head and wonder….Why were they so weird about this one word?  Or, maybe:  What in the world was this N-Word that they kept talking about?

And now, folks are ostracizing a 66 year old woman because she admitted she used it nearly 30 years ago….almost 3 decades in the past!  Folks, that’s simply ridiculous.  If she had used it last week…or last month…or even a couple of years ago, well then you’ve got a case.  But, come on!  30 years ago?

One of my Facebook friends posed the question:  “How many of those corporate executives that are dropping her could pass the same test?”

Excellent question.  I wonder.  Maybe some brave news reporter could ask them for us?

We are so good at throwing stones, aren’t we?  We put up with so many things in our world today, but we just can’t stomach a woman who used that especially notorious word some three decades ago.  Really?  Are you serious?

You may think she’s too sappy of a southern lady.  You may think she promotes unhealthy eating habits.  You may think she’s terrible for having a struggle with a smoking habit.  She’s been a bit heavy.  Maybe she’s even difficult to work for.  Fine.  Take her to task for those CURRENT issues, but folks let’s not be so stupid as to judge someone in 2013 for something they said….words….in 1985.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go out this weekend and get me some fine southern cooking.

So says The Caaamper.

As an addendum, you may want to check out the article thru this link that has more CURRENT accusations:

And, here is another article giving yet another perspective.  The one above is more anti-Paula and with apparent merit, but the one below is grace-filled.  Both come from prominent African Americans.


  1. Oh I so agree with your thoughts on this Mike! Thanks for saying it so well.

    Judy Hancock

  2. Very well said!

  3. Here's another perspective that was shared with me today. If all that is said in this article is true, then she should definitely be held accountable: