Sunday, February 13, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week Six

I guess I'm intrigued by interesting mailboxes.  This one is mounted on an old waterpump.  I just think it is cool.

This is an old red brick church in Acton, Indiana.  They pretty much don't make 'em like this anymore.

So, why did the ant cross the road?  The view of course.  Keepin' it between the lines.
This was a very good week in a number of ways.  I had some good stuff happen with work, and I did really well with my fitness program.  I even played a little volleyball and a little basketball on Friday night.  It all culminated with a fun time on a date with my wife last night, and a great walk in the warm sunshine today. 

Last night almost was a bust.  We had planned to leave the house in time to be at Outback Steakhouse at 5pm.  Well, I thought Nancy was doing something and I was waiting on her, while at the same time she was waiting on me.  Long story short, we were both waiting on each other and we wasted a half hour.  So, when we got to Outback, there was a 90 minute wait.  On down the road we went.  Lots of traffic.  Lots of restaurants with packed parking lots.  We even tried our reliable La Trattoria in Greenwood where we have always been able to get into...NOPE...reservations only.  I was getting pretty upset at myself.  Finally, we decided to try a newer place on the south side of Indy called the Fireside.  There was a short wait, but not bad.  We got in.  Food was great!  We had a great time together.  All's well that ends well...right?

During the week, I had to drive back to Ann Arbor, Michigan in order to make a presentation to a number of managers from our entire North American management team.  Yep, just a little bit of pressure.  The presentation was on Thursday, but I drove up on Wednesday afternoon.  My boss' boss told me to be there by 5pm so I could go with the group on a charter bus to the Detroit Redwings hockey game.  "Don't worry about getting any dinner.  We'll have sandwiches on the bus."  Oh, great.  There goes the diet for the week.  Turns out it wasn't bad.  They were small deli style sandwiches.  Plus, I avoided the stadium food and the White Castles that we made a detour for on the ride back to the hotel.  All in all, I was fairly well disciplined on the trip, and I really enjoyed the hockey game.  It's more fun to watch in person than it is on the TV...for sure.

And the discipline paid off!!!!!  Here's this week's report.

Weight:  256.4 lbs.  Down 2.6 lbs for the week!!!!!  Down 13.6 lbs since January 1st!

I am so close to that 255 mark.  Maybe next week.  I have some obstacles again this week, as I always do, but we'll see.

Total Mileage Completed:  62.5 miles
Percentage of the Goal:  3.11%
Miles to Go:  1948.5

I walked 4.8 miles today.  It was beautiful outside.  The sun was shining.  And, I could still feel my chin when I got done.  That was a real plus.

Enough reporting. 

I'm planning another post for tomorrow....for my girls...for Valentine's Day. 

See you on the road.

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