Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spanking and Chicken

It's been a while since I've commented on societal ills or public policy new stories.  In fact, it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything new on here.  I suppose I just haven't had anything to say, and when you don't have anything useful or interesting to's just best to be quiet.  However, in the last couple of days, I've run across a couple of ABC News stories that have kind of stirred some thoughts.

First, there's the subject of spanking.  Take a gander at this video clip from Good Morning America:

I think our world is going a bit wacko on this whole subject...and, for the most part it is because some folks have abused the tool of spanking...resulting in abused children...and thus....wham.....all spanking is evil.  I'm not buying what they are selling.

I suppose there are reasonable arguments on both sides of this issue...but, I am coming down on the side of being in favor of spanking....assuming the parent is following a few reasonable guidelines...such as:

A.  Never spank out of anger--NEVER!
B.  Be under control.
C.  Explain the "whats" and the "whys" to the child so that they understand.
D.  Always...always...always...reinforce the child with positive comments of love and by showing loads of affection.
E.  Refer back to rule A.

Personally, I think way more "mood disorders" are caused by verbal abuse, neglect, manipulation, and negativity than could ever be caused by spanking...even spanking done poorly.  Beyond that, a lack of even what sometimes may seem as harsh punishment can leave a child with the impression that there just aren't consequences for bad behavior.  Folks, the world is a rough place.  The sooner a child learns that there are consequences and sometimes painful consequences for their actions, the better.

As to the guy in the video who smacked the boy on the rear with his belt during a game of catch, well, I'd refer him back to my first rule...but, beyond that, I think it's pretty presumptive for all the country to judge him based on the video shot by a nosy neighbor through his window blinds.  My guess is that there is a completely different story behind that situation rather than the accusation that he smacked him for dropping the ball.  It seems to me that folks are doing a lot of assuming.

One last thought on that subject before I move on to chicken...bad, abusive spanking results in one of two things.  First, it leads to more bad spanking as those kids grow up and think that is the way to do it.  Bad actions lead to worse actions.  Secondly, it leads to the counter-balance of parents that lump all spanking into that one category and call it abuse.

Young parents need to be taught how to spank appropriately.

Now, on to chicken....take a look at this story:

I bet those Chick-fil-a cows are hating this story 'cause I'm headed back to beef.  My wife feeds me chicken all the the point (bock) that I'm starting to (bock) grow feathers under my arms.  (Bock, bock.)  All I need is a real good excuse to start demanding more red meat on my plate!  Moooooove over wings...I'm goin' back to the burger!  Cow-a-bunga!

Of course, I'll probably be eating just as much or more chicken from now on despite that story...'cause no matter how much this rooster crows, my sweet, beautiful hen runs my kitchen....and she loves her chicken.

That's it for now.  In the words of Kanye..."Omelet you finish" whatever else you were doing.  Time for me to scramble.  Keep the sunny side up.

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