Monday, April 8, 2013

Cake and a Deeper Experience

I’ve been thinking a lot about cake lately…and not just because my wife made a delicious banana pudding cake for dessert yesterday.  And, not because of that bread pudding cake dessert I had after dinner tonight.  Not even because I haven’t had a Big Wacky Cake for a couple of months. 

Nope.  None of those reasons.

I’ve been thinking about cake as it relates to God.

I bet you’re scratching your head on that one.  Did it make you go “Hmmmmm”?  Are you wondering if maybe I’ve loosened up the old screws that hold my mind together?  Let me explain.

Well, you see, someone asked me to help with a discussion a couple of weeks ago, and my answer to him on the spur of the moment has been sitting on my mind ever since.  This friend was having a bit of a time explaining how the study of the scriptures differed from the study of God.  In my answer, I changed the topic.  I said: “Let’s say it’s like the study of the wording and language of a cake recipe versus the study of the cake itself.  Either way, if you never experience the actual cake, then you’ve wasted your time.”

I think that often Christianity can be the same way.  We get all caught up in the study of the semantics and language of the scriptures.  What does this mean?  What does that mean?  What did the Greek say here?  What was the Hebrew word used there?  Or, we talk and rave about the wondrous things that God has made, and we marvel at what must be His character or what He may be like.  How can He be everywhere at once?  How could He have been here forever? 

All the while, we don’t really experience God.

You know how when you have that slice of cake in front of you…and you slide that fork down through that sweet cream icing and the moist body of delicate excited you become in anticipation?  How about when you slide that fork into your mouth and the flavors burst onto the taste buds?  How you make those “mmm, mmmmm” sounds as it dissolves on your tongue?  Wow.  It is a marvelous thing!
Could this describe your experience with God?

Could you imagine spending years upon years just looking at a cake?  Never taking a bite.  Just looking at it.

Or, maybe instead, you spend years upon years studying a cake recipe.  What are the nuances of how much vanilla to use?  How much egg?  Butter?  And again, you never…ever…take a bite.

I think some Christians do that with God.  They look at Him.  Study Him.  Consider Him.  They read His Book (recipe) over and over and over.  They even gather in large groups every week to talk about Him or his Book.

And yet, they never take a bite.

They never really take the fork out and experience the impact of God as His flavors explode in their hearts.

I’m going to have to think about this some more.  I just thought I’d share this train of thought as it rattled through my brain, but....

One last thing…it really is a shame too for so many people who are missing out.  Because….in this case…you CAN have your cake AND eat it too.  It never runs out…it never gets stale…and you don’t even need a scoop of ice cream to make it go down.

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  1. Didn't see that perfect ending coming but I should have! Wonderful analogy! I think even those of us who range from newborn babes through Dreadies years as a Christian can see how this really clarifies the dry ingredient study of God's parts and that delicate blend that allows us to internalize the actual experience of Who He Is. One other thought I had was if you try to understand God just by taking your cake to the mountain top and leaving your recipe behind, you would merely be guessing as to what makes up the Jesus we should be following. We need both the emotional and the practical to get a fuller picture of Who God Is. Well written Mike!