Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Blessing & Curse in Pictures

Me....just trying to catch up on some rest!  Don't poke me though.  I'm grumpy when I'm poked.

Creativity is both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing as the juices are flowing and you are swallowed up in the process of making something…something new…something never seen before.  Oh, the joy of being enveloped in those artistic juices!  But, it is a curse when you are stuck.  Stuck with either a stifling inability to think or act creatively, or stuck by the circumstances of life that are stopping you from exercising those artistic genes. 

I’m afraid I’ve had more of the curse lately.  I've been stuck.

I promise...I'm really trying to bridge this creativity gap!
My money-making occupation has dominated my mind-time of late, and I have had real trouble thinking creatively.  Thus, so few new blog entries in the last couple of months.  Frankly, it is kind of painful.  I want desperately to write something, but I’ve had nothing to say.  No sparks of creativity to ignite into a new story or a new blog entry.
I think I left my ideas up there.  It's a long climb up, but I need 'em.

I did start a new short story about a guy named “Rolly Shamus,” but I have had trouble finding the “mind-time” to develop the story and get it written.  (I was going to say “on paper,” but nobody actually uses paper anymore.  I guess I could have said “on memory,” but what does that even mean?)

I'm sure there's something just around the corner.
So, basically, I’m just writing to let you know I’m a bit frustrated.  And to share these pictures with you.  At least it gives you something to look at.  And, despite my frustration…and my temptation to just bag the whole writing thing…I will be back soon with something more interesting…interesting to me anyway.

Sometimes, being creative becomes a real battle.
This little bout with writer’s block can’t last forever.


Soon, the ideas will flowing so strong, it'll be like they're shooting out of my hair!
 PS: I wrote this, then picked the pictures at random.  The fun part was making up the silly captions to make them fit my writing.  Just a fun little exercise.  And, I bet that picture just above made you smile.

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