Sunday, March 27, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week Twelve

I have good news to report this week.  It wasn't in my eating habits.  Those are still pretty hit-n-miss (Burger King on Tuesday was probably the low), but I had good stuff happen anyway. 

1.  I got my first miles on the bike!  I rode 5.6 miles on Tuesday.  The weather was warm, and it was nice despite a few sprinkles of rain about halfway through the ride.  To me, this was a big milestone because I haven't really put any significant miles on the bike since my leg surgery in October 2009.  I went out for a very short ride last summer, but I cut it way short because my Achilles Tendon was really hurting by a mile and half into the ride.  However, this ride was great because my legs, while somewhat weak, did not hurt at all.  There was a tiny little burn in the repaired tendon, but otherwise, I felt great.  I now have the confidence that after the weather has really turned warm, I'll be able to put down some serious miles and get back into good riding form! (Trevor, we need to find a place to ride together!)  Oh yeah!!!!  I wanted to ride some more, but unfortunately, the weather turned cold again by Wednesday evening, and I am NOT a cold weather rider.

2.  Despite my less than stellar eating habits, I managed to lose a pound this week!  I've hit a new weight low for this fitness challenge effort at 254.0 pounds.  I needed that boost in morale because I was starting to feel my enthusiasm for the eating portion of this thing start to wane.  Now, just imagine if I had been watching my food better!  I might have lost another couple.  I've got to get my eating back on track.

Here are the numbers:

Starting Weight:  270.0 lbs
Current Weight:  254.0 lbs
Weight Loss:  16 lbs

Mileage Goal:  2011 miles in the year 2011 by walking, running, or cycling
Mileage Completed:  120.1 miles
Percentage of Goal Completed:  5.97%
Miles to Go:  1890.9

Time to go.  I'm watching the Kentucky/North Carolina game.  It's going to be an exciting Final Four this year!

See you on the road...

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