Saturday, May 7, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week 18

The McGregor creek, finally with leaves.

The Aikman Farm along my cycling route.  I've always thought this was a pretty view.

The confluence of two streams along my cycling route.  A nice place to stop and think.
It seems that the weather is finally cooperating with my cycling efforts.  I've ridden each of the last three days, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I think I'll give my legs a break tomorrow and maybe only take a short walk, but I'm starting to be able to put the miles behind me, and that is encouraging.  It also doesn't hurt my enthusiasm to have lost a little weight this week.  It wasn't much, but it was a loss.  If I can keep riding like I have the last few days, then the weight ought to keep dropping.

I have some unaccounted for exercise also.  I attended the AIST Show in Indy this week.  In short, it is a trade show for the steel industry.  On Tuesday, I walked the show looking at the various booths.  I'm not sure how far that was, but probably a couple of miles anyway.  On Thursday, after I rode, I also mowed the yard.  That always entails a fair amount of walking as I push the trim mower around to cut the stuff the rider has a hard time reaching.  I don't have a clue how far I go, but it takes about a half hour to do the trim cut.  I'm burning calories, that's all that matters.

I'm really eager for two things: warmer temps and calmer winds.  Frankly, I'm a warm weather rider.  I don't like the chill of the wind that bites at my face and hands until I get the blood pumping.  I like to ride when it's hot.  The wind is a different story.  On the one hand, it makes the ride HARD.  Today, riding into the wind was like trying to ride through molasses.  On the other hand, riding in the wind makes a rider stronger and more fit.  It makes you better.

There are three things that make a rider better and stronger: 1. miles in the saddle, 2. riding into the wind, 3. climbing lots of hills.

I only have a few rolling hills around, so I have limited chance to gain from those, but the wind is everywhere and especially so in the spring.  Even so, I will be happy when they calm down.  I like to enjoy my rides as well as gain fitness from them.

One last piece of good news before I go to the numbers...

I was sitting on the sofa the other evening after a ride, and I ran my hand down over my right calf...the one that had the surgery...and I could feel a little tiny bit of muscle tone.  Yay!!!!  My legs are coming back!

Here are the numbers:

Weight: 255.4 lbs  (Down .4 lbs this week)

Goal: 2011 miles in the year 2011 by walking, running, or cycling
Miles Completed: 245.4
Percentage Completed: 12.20%

Miles this week: 41.0...That's almost equal to what I was doing all month during the winter.  Things are picking up folks!  That said, I've got to triple that through the summer if I have a prayer of hitting the goal.

Time to go.
See you on the road.

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