Saturday, May 21, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week 20

This will be a quick report.  I was sick all week.  No miles completed.  I gained a touch of weight.  I am feeling better, but I'm not 100% yet.  I hope to get back on the bike in the next couple of days.

Today was a busy day:  1 wedding, 2 receptions, 3 graduation parties.

I'm sorry that I haven't been very creative with my posts in the last week, but being sick really took the best out of me. 

Last Saturday, I did add about four or five pages to the book I'm writing.  It is an action adventure with a extra-natural aspect.  Some might say "supernatural," but I'm not fond of that term with respect to my story.  It is set in a very small and fictitious town in southern Indiana on the fringe of the Hoosier National Forest where strange things are sort of the norm.  I've been writing it for about a year now, and I'm getting close to the end of the story.  Once I finish the first draft, I need to go back and fix a few things and add detail.  Then, I'll be looking for a few good folks to proof read it.  I don't really know when I'll hit that point, but I hope to be there by the end of the summer.

Well, that's it for now.  As I said, I didn't add any mileage this week.  My weight is now 257.2 lbs.  I'm not discouraged, just eager to get back on the bike so I can lay down some miles.

See you on the road.

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