Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walkin' My Butt Off-Fitness Update Week Two

First, our "Tidbits of Americana."  Enjoy the photos.
I cross this creek on almost every walk.  I'll take "update" pictures from time to time to track the weather changes.

What would America be without red barns?

I might update this one too as the weather changes.

Do I look cold?

I've heard of Busch Beer, but...
This was a tougher week.  Besides the obvious cold weather, I had to travel for work for three days, and that played havoc on my walking.  On top of that, it is hard to eat right when you are on a business trip with a bunch of industrial sales guys.  Our first night in North Canton, Ohio, we ate dinner at the Fox and the Hound.  The only things on the menu that fit my eating plan were a large bowl of chili and a salad.  Sooooo, I ate a large bowl of chili and a salad while everyone else ate buffalo wings (I had three that they shared), and an assortment of other deep-fried delicacies.  Overall, I was okay with that.  I'm not really all that into fried stuff anymore.  The second night wasn't as tough.  We had better menu options, so I had piece of grilled scrod with some great vegetables.

Walking outside on the business trip wasn't very feasable either.  There was a great deal of snow on the ground, there weren't any available sidewalks, and the schedule was too busy.  As a result, I only walked two-tenths of a mile on the first (travel) day, and not at all on the next two days.

I got right back on it when I got home though.  Thursday: 1 mile.  Friday: 2.2 miles.  Today: 3.8 miles.

The 3.8 miles I walked today was the most I've walked since I tore my Achilles tendon over a year ago.  It still aches some here and there, but overall it's doing pretty well. 

Let me just say that I don't much enjoy walking in the cold.  I don't regret making the "no treadmill" rule, but I really don't enjoy the blowing north wind and the frozen cheeks.  Oh well, I guess it will make me a tougher least that's what I'm hoping for.

On to the stats for the week....keep in mind, it was a tough week for both food and walking:

Weight:  261.8 lbs

That is down, but not by much.  I lost less than a pound this week.  That said, I'm not discouraged.  After all, my real goal is the miles completed, and as long as I keep that in mind and keep working on it consistently, the rest will follow.  My goal this week is to walk every day, and get below 260.

Total miles completed overall: 25.1 
Percentage of goal completed: 1.25%
Miles left to be completed: 1985.9

Obviously, I still have a long way to go.  I will say this, I already feel better.  I feel healthier, and believe it or not, my clothes are already starting to feel more comfortable.  On top of that, I just feel better about myself.

Exercise is a good thing.

See you on the road.

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