Friday, April 22, 2011

Henry the Preacher--Volume 1, Number 1

I created "Henry the Preacher" about thirty or thirty-one years ago while attending Williamstown Bible College in Williamstown, West Virginia.  He began to randomly show up on dry erase and chalk boards in our various classrooms with humorous little quotes in little dialog boxes; at least I thought they were humorous.  Over the years, I've gone in and out of playing with him in various venues.  Back in the mid-80's, I made up a bunch of note pads with Henry at the top with the caption, "Henry the Preacher Says:" across the heading.  When I was attending Indiana Business College around the same timeframe, I had a guy suggest that he could get me a financial backer and we could start publishing Henry.  So, I tried to do a portfolio to present to those potential supporters.  However, I found that when I tried to draw him under pressure, I just couldn't get it right.  Since then, he's popped up from time to time for no good reason, but nothing of note.  I dropped the "Preacher" moniker for a while.  However, I've decided that it's time for his reappearance.  I hope you enjoy his misadventures in the ministry. 

Here's the first one...

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