Monday, April 18, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week Fifteen

 A Couple of Yellowstone Bison

A Couple of Stress-Ball Bison
This second picture is a good reflection of what I'm feeling right now in a few areas.  I'm kind of faced-off against myself.

Here's the deal.  When you write a blog with segments about fitness and how you are working to get into shape, and you're telling the world about how you are working toward a pretty doggone tough goal, you generally want to keep all the posts postive and encouraging.  You want to be excited about what you are doing.  Positive Mental Attitude!


The real world doesn't work that way.  Some days....some weeks...maybe even some just are not in the right frame of mind.  Maybe you're completely off track.

This is where I pick up the mirror and take a good look.

I have lost my fire for what I set out to do.  I'm making terrible choices for more kidding myself...I just don't want to eat right, and I don't want to go to the extra effort to make sure I have the right options available to myself.  I'm food-lazy.  I really love french fries and pizza!  Even more, I love ice cream.

I'm also discouraged about how my weakened right Achilles Tendon is feeling after bike rides.  Last Sunday, I took a 9.6 mile right.  About 3.5 miles into the ride, I pushed too hard.  I stood up on the pedals to push up a little hill, and I felt my right calf "tweak."  I think it was a little cramp, but I'm not totally sure.  Anyway, I took it easy the rest of the ride, and then rested it for a couple of days.  I didn't ride again until Thursday (with zero walking in between) when I rode 10.6 miles.  I took it easy on the hills, and didn't push hard at any point, but my leg still felt a bit sore regardless.  Thus, only one walking mile and no riding since. 

I'm just not feeling good about much of anything with regards to this process at the moment.  But, in my constant attempt to look at things from an unbiased position, I think that this probably isn't uncommon in folks who are attempting a longer-term goal.  There are ups...and there are downs.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

I guess the key is for me to not quit and to gut it out until my gusto returns, but there are times when I just simply don't want to.

Sometimes I want to quit.  I want to sit down with a big bowl of ice cream and watch Biggest Loser.

I can't do that, though.  I'm not ready to retire from life, and you really need to be healthy to get the chance to experience some of the most exciting parts.  I'll never complete a "Fourteener" in Colorado if I continue to settle for expandable waistband trousers.  Hiking to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon is a great deal more difficult when you're carrying a tub of lard on your torso.

I guess I need to kick my self in the tush and keep going.  I'd appreciate a good swift kick in the pants from you readers also.  Can you give a guy a hand?


Miles Completed:  156.9
Percentage Completed:  7.8%

Current Weight:  255.8 lbs

See you on the least that's the plan.


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