Sunday, April 10, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Weeks 13 & 14

Heber Springs, Arkansas

Heber Springs-Another View

Nancy Rocks!

The Red River, below the dam.

Harding University

If you are wondering why I didn't post an update last week, it was because I was out of town, missed my weigh in, and I didn't want to announce to the world via the internet that we weren't home.  As a result, this week, I'm covering two-weeks worth.

We had a great trip to Searcy, Arkansas; home of Harding University.  My oldest daughter attends school there, and my younger daughter is headed that way in the fall.  We drove down on Thursday, and had nice weekend with our girls and their well as a pleasant little drive up to Heber Springs; a nearby lake.  The Heber trip was just Nancy and I, and we climbed around on the shorter cliffs by the lake, drove down and climbed down to the river below the dam, and then headed to the town of Heber Springs for a quick bite of lunch at a little hole in the wall restaurant.  All in all, it was a great time together and a beautiful day for a drive.

We also watched the semi-final Butler Bulldog game on Saturday in the lobby of our hotel.  We just kind of took over the breakfast area and watched it on the big screen.  Other people wandered in and we met a nice couple from Memphis who joined us for almost all of the game.

On to the fitness report....

For most of the two-week period, things were not so good.  I ate very poorly...and like a horse....and I didn't walk or ride consistently at all.  I did get some good walks in at Harding and Heber, but my schedule, the weather, and a bit of laziness hit me pretty hard otherwise.  As a result, I actually gained 1.8 pounds over the period.

On the bright side, I finished strong.  I rode my bike twice this weekend, and worked on the yard most of the afternoon today.  Lots of exercise, and I've eaten least today anyway.  Time to get back in the saddle, and not let laziness and discouragement hold me back.

That's the challenge for a long-term fitness effort.  There are going to be ups and downs.  Some periods of high activity, and periods of time where other things take precedence.  The key is not to quit.

The numbers:

GOAL:  2011 miles by walking, running, or cycling in the year 2011


Total Miles Completed:  145.3
Percentage Completed:  7.23 %

Current Weight:  255.8 lbs

Look for another Muncie Boyhood post in the next couple of days:  "Adventures with Arrows"

See you on the road.

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