Saturday, April 30, 2011

WMBO-Fitness Update-Week Seventeen

A farm we passed on our bikes.

This seemed like a good place for a picture.

Totally unrelated.  I just threw this in for fun.  I'm in jail in Bannack, Montana.
I'm feeling pretty positive today.  Just so you know, I'm still not eating well.  I just can't get that car back in the garage, so to speak.  However, I guess it's not totally out of control because I lost the weight that I had gained last week.  I'm back to where I was before. 

The thing that I'm truly excited about is that I seem to be getting some cycling legs under me pretty quickly.  The wet weather has made it tough to ride much, and in fact, I didn't ride at all between last Saturday and today, but still I felt good today.  I finally went over 20 miles in a single ride today...22.6 miles to be exact.  Hopefully, my schedule and the weather will cooperate enough to allow me to get some more miles on the bike during the week this week.

April was my biggest mileage month so far this year.  That is the case despite the number of days with a "zero" in my tracking sheet.  The five times I rode my bike drove the numbers up significantly.  That said, I better get the real mileage kicking in through May if I have a real hope of hitting my 2011 miles in the year.  Time to get cranking!

Here is my monthly mileage:

January: 44.9
February: 31.8
March: 43.4
April: 84.3

Here are my overall report numbers:

Mileage Completed:  204.4
Percentage Completed:  10.16%

Current Weight:  255.8 lbs  (Down 2.4 lbs from last week's weigh-in.)

Finally, just some general info on some of my blogging activity that I have planned for the next few weeks.  In addition to the Fitness Update, I'll be posting some other things that will most fall into three specific series:
  1. Henry the Preacher--A cartoon revolving around the mishaps of a frumpy, nerdy, sometimes silly minister.  I posted the first one last week.
  2. A Muncie Boyhood--Stories from my youth in my hometown of Muncie, Indiana.  As much as possible, I will include pictures from the time period, and or pictures from current day Muncie.  I have posted an introduction and three stories so far.
  3. Christianity 101--This will be a new series that will flow once a week from a class that I am starting to teach at church tomorrow.  The focus is two-fold.  First, teach those who have little knowledge of the scriptures.  Second, challenge those of us who have some knowledge to reexamine how seriously we take things.  I don't have all the answers, but I hope what I do have to share is helpful to someone. 
Time to go.  My daughter is getting ready for prom.

See you on the road.

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